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About the Inventor

Annie Pryor, Ph.D.





Annie Pryor is a stay-at-home mom with 3 children. When her kids were young and messy eaters, Annie was overwhelmed with bibs. She would put food-covered cloth bibs in the laundry basket, and they would get moldy. She would use the rinse-off type bibs, but never had a good place to put them to dry. Annie would lay the bibs on a towel on the countertop, but the lunch bibs were never dry by dinner. Then, in a stroke of "mommy genius", Annie decided to invent a "Bib Drying Rack." Annie launched her Bib Drying Rack in June 2010. While the original rack was perfect for bibs, as Annie's children grew, she realized that she also needed a place for water bottles. Since then, the rack has gone through several changes to make it the versatile, sturdy, rust-proof Mommy Genius Drying Rack® that it is today.

















Annie's entrepreneurial journey has been interesting. Just a few years after launching her business, Annie had to battle counterfeiters! After that, Annie temporarily licensed the drying rack to another company, who moved manufacturing to China. Now, Annie owns all the rights to her drying rack again and has moved manufacturing back to the USA! Yes, the racks are more expensive being made-in-the-USA, but Annie is glad to support an American factory in Indiana. Annie is happy knowing the workers in the factory get paid well and have great working conditions. Annie frequently visits the factory and has met the WOMAN who does most of the work on the drying racks. Plus, the quality of these American-made racks is outstanding! Annie has a patent for the drying rack and the Mommy Genius trademark. 


Before having children, Annie earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry from The Ohio State University. She uses her knowledge to help educate the public about how stomach bugs and other illnesses are spread and can be prevented. She posts this information on her website She also tests hand sanitizers and cleaning products to see which ones kill germs the best. Annie publishes these experiment results on her website

Annie is also the Program Manager of a food and clothing pantry called the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Family Resource Center. This volunteer position takes 20+ hours a week, but Annie loves it! She can't bear the thought of a child not having enough to eat or a warm coat and does everything in her power to prevent that from happening.

Annie spends her free time petting her daughter's bunny, Cream Puff.

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